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David Gero is the technical director at havidave.com. David has developed database applications, designed to be interactive with visitors to web sites not only accessing the data but also adding to it. He can tailor user statistics to your particular needs, helping you measure whether you've reached the target audience you were seeking with your site. And he can provide whatever maintenance assistance you might need, both within your organization, and between you and the Internet audience. For more information about David's experience and training, please see his curriculum vitae.

Margaret Corrigall is the art director at havidave.com. One of the earlier pioneers among graphic artists embracing computer applications of her art and craft, Margaret has also welcomed the possibilities offered by the World Wide Web. Margaret can begin with your current logo, publication design and general "look", adapting it to the Internet in ways that further your goals, or she can start with you "from scratch", designing a first-time or brand-new logo and "look" for your organization and your site. She'll use her years of experience to offer you clean design that works for your audiences. (Some background)

Havi Echenberg, president of havidave.com, brings to the company experience in running non-profit organizations, training and experience in using a variety of media to accomplish organizational goals, and knowledge of leading-edge technologies that can assist organizations to use the Internet medium as one of many media to accomplish their goals. For more information on Havi's experience and training, please see her curriculum vitae.

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