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While havidave.com is pleased to offer basic training to organizations or companies in maintaining their own sites on a day-to-day basis, we have found that many prefer to leave the coding and technical work to others. In this case, we are also pleased to offer affordable maintenace service, including e-mail, archiving of materials, and more.

We offer web-hosting services, with a secure server located off-site, with a triply-redundant connection to the Internet backbone. We can reserve your IP address, and create secure transactions for your organization.

Steps in basic site maintenance:
  • determining an update schedule for the site
  • determining what user data are important, and how often they will be collected and communicated to the client
  • posting new material to the site
  • deleting or archiving dated material from the site
  • updating sitemaps and navigation bars to be consistent with any additions to the web site
  • providing a web server for your site, or communicating effectively with your existing web server to achieve the results you are looking for
  • checking links within the site for changes and deletions on a predetermined schedule
  • reviewing location within search engines, if needed, on a predetermined schedule

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