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havidave.com has experience helping organizations or small businesses develop their "look", for all materials from business cards and letterheads through to a web site. We also have experience taking well-known logos and corporate "looks" and applying them to web sites so as to build on the brand recognition that already exists. We know the limits and opportunities offered by web technology, and can apply it how your web site looks, with a view to furthering your goals. We can design an Internet, an intranet, or an extranet, with exactly those features that will further your organization's goals.

Steps in designing your web site
  • reviewing your current organizational or corporate "look", and applying it to a web site design
  • reviewing with clients the usability and accessibility issues related to the site and its intended audiences (e.g., frames or no frames, advanced applications or not, etc.)
  • designing a series of templates to reflect the site architecture or structure
  • designing an effective and attractive navigation system for your site
  • selecting graphic images to communicate your web site goals to its intended audiences
  • developing a sitemap to allow easy, fast access to pages throughout the site, for those who know what they're looking for on the site

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