David W. Gero

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30 years of experience in software and hardware R&D, product development, and customer support.

Employment History

1970            LDI.  Logic design engineer.
1971 Tau-Tron.  Hardware engineer.
1972 Tau-Tron.  System architect and hardware engineer.
1975 Boston Systems Office.  Software programmer.
1978-1981 Datapoint.  Regional support specialist for languages and operating systems.
1981 Logical Design.  Co-owner and chief engineer.
1982-1984 Datapoint.  Senior system programmer for languages, operating systems, and client-server mail systems.
1984-1986 Tandem Computers.  Senior support engineer, Wall St.
1986-1990 Valinor.  Co-owner and chief engineer.
1990-2004 Gerico.  Owner and principal consultant.
1995-2004 havidave.com.  Co-owner and technical director.

Projects and Products

Project (LDI, 1970) TTL logic design and board artwork for computer video terminal.
Product (Tau-Tron, 1971) ECL logic design for high-speed (50 MHz) memory test system.
Product (Tau-Tron, 1972) Architecture and design of ultra-high-speed (200 Mhz) memory test system.
Project (Tau-Tron, 1972) Mathematical theory for 1GHz radar test system.
Product (Boston Systems Office, 1975) Assembler for Texas Instruments microcomputer.
Project (Datapoint, 1979) Port of Stage2 macro language to Datapoint computers.
Product (Datapoint, 1980) Design and coding of Sabre terminal emulation and custom file transfer software for Z80-based Datapoint microcomputer.
Product (Logical Design, 1981) Financial spreadsheet language and software for Datapoint computers.
Project (Datapoint, 1982) Architecture and programming of Lisp system for Datapoint computers.
Product (Datapoint, 1983) Architecture and protocol design of secure, authentication-based client/server mail system.  Design and coding of mail server.
Project (Datapoint, 1984) Port of Smalltalk system to Datapoint computers.
Project (Tandem, 1985) Demonstration prototype of videotex server for home banking.
Product (Valinor, 1986) Developed drivers for PCAnywhere and Ethernet boards to allow modem pooling on local area networks.
Product (Valinor, 1987) Invention of software to high-load drivers and TSR programs into EMS memory above the 640K limit for PCs.
Project (Valinor, 1989) Invention of software to move network code out of lower 1MB for PCs.
Product (Gerico, 1990) Port of SMT component of FDDI to T800 Transputer.
Product (Gerico, 1991) Port of SMT component of FDDI and development of FDDI chipset drivers for AMD 29K RISC-based Ethernet to FDDI bridge.
Product (Gerico, 1992) Conversion of GateD router from UNIX to embedded realtime OS and development of FDDI chipset drivers for AMD 29K RISC-based Ethernet, Token Ring, and FDDI router.
Project (Gerico, 1995) Creation of Internet World Wide Web interface and Informix online database for web-based resume submission.
Project (Gerico, 1996) Conversion of a single-user natural language database system to a multi-user client/server system using HTML and Java.  Design and coding of multi-threaded HTTP server.
Project (Gerico, 1997) Coding and maintenance of World Wide Web interface and Oracle online database for matching job seekers and employers in Canada.
Project (Gerico, 1997) Restructuring and debugging of non-profit housing client and residential unit tracking database.
Project (Gerico, 1998) Interfaces in assembler, C, and Java between embedded 8051 and standard PC for point-of-sale system.
Project (Gerico, 1999) Creation of tools and test suites for simulating whole telecommunications carriers.  Scalability and performance testing of global network management system.
Project (Gerico, 2002) Creation of automatic translator from Cold Fusion to Java Server Pages, written in Java. 


1969-1972  Massachusetts Institute of Technology.  Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering.
Massachusetts Institute of Technology.  Post-graduate classes in Computer Science.  No degree awarded.


Hardware design - Board and system level design in CMOS, TTL, and ECL, microprocessor and standard bus interfaces

Device drivers - Low-level chip and board drivers, embedded system design, kernel interfaces

Programming languages - BASIC, FORTRAN, COBOL, LISP, PL/I, Smalltalk, Pascal, C, Perl, Java, XML, and many, many assemblers.

Operating systems - DOS, Windows, OS/2, UNIX, various embedded and realtime.

Local area networks - Novell, Lantastic, Windows for Workgroups, Lan Manager, TCP/IP, NFS.

Database systems - Dbase, FoxPro, Access, Paradox, and various flavors of SQL (Microsoft, Sybase, Oracle, Informix, Tandem).

RAD systems - PowerBuilder, Visual Basic, Visual C++, Delphi.

Secure systems - Multics, UNIX, encryption, authentication, firewalls, bridge and router filtering

Training - Taught classes or gave conference presentations about local area networks, wide area networks, TCP/IP, SQL, the Internet, PC hardware internals, and the many types of memory.

Small businesses - Four so far.  Two crashed and burned, two didn't.  (Note: the ones that made it are the most recent.)

Customer support - Lots, from the smallest to the biggest.

Leaping tall buildings - None.  Sorry.


National Merit Scholar
National Science Foundation Fellow
Datapoint System Engineer of the Year
Tandem Outstanding Performer

Non-Business Activities

Keyboards and synthesizers
Recreational mathematics
Science fiction
Theatre, especially the Great Canadian Theatre Company
Having as many international house-guests as possible in one year


Email: davidg@havidave.com